About Us

Our aim at The Sustainable Green Company is to create Green Footprints across India by producing and using ecofriendly products to build a sustainable environment for ourselves and our future generations. By creating green products we become a green industry, till date we have devised two eco-friendly products - Cold Eco Asphalt and Paper Pulp Tray.

The Cold Eco Asphalt can be used to fill potholes for smooth driving; it is made from modified bitumen and structural fibers for urgent maintenance operations. It does not stick to car tyres when traffic is reopened, avoiding the results of grit crumbling and scattering and it creates a strong link between the conglomerate particles.

The paper pulp tray is a product made from waste paper and is bio-degradable. The paper pulp tray is a product which shall replace thermocole and plastic from the market. While making the paper pulp tray, there is no wastewater or sludge generated

or let out, nor there is any smoke let out in the atmosphere. If it is left or thrown in the environment, it disintegrates and gets into the soil as it is made from the paper, which is a natural fiber, making it environmentally friendly.

Our Clients in India: State Government of Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu


  • Our products are easy to use, environmentally safe and wallet-friendly
  • They are durable and weather resistant
  • Can be stored for up to 6-8 months
  • Reduce your carbon footprint today

Our Products