Pulp Trayin a sustainable way


The Paper Pulp Tray, is a GREEN PRODUCT (an eco friendly product) and a very innovative one, very different from the regular market products.

The paper pulp tray is a product made from Waste Paper. The Paper Pulp Tray is Bio Degradable. If it is left or thrown in the environment, it disintegrates and gets into the soil as it is made from the paper (which is a natural fibre).

All this, besides giving the product excellent performance alongside ease of use, bestows an unusual but refined opacity to this conglomerate.

The Paper Pulp Tray is a product which shall replace THERMOCOLE / PLASTIC from the market. This reduces the amount of THERMOCOLE / PLASTIC dumped in the environment.

While making the Paper Pulp Tray, there is no waste water / sludge generated or let out, nor there is any smoke let out in the atmosphere. The Paper Pulp Tray is dried under the SUN, except for the Monsoons.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lower Costs
  • Packaging Advantages
  • Meets worldwide ISO 14000 environmental standards and European Green Dot
  • Molded Pulp material - less expensive than other packaging
  • Vibration - dampens vibration up to three times more effectively than EPS