Drivesin a sustainable way


The new cold-mix bituminous conglomerate, created with modified bitumen and structural fibres for urgent maintenance operations.

Different in its raw materials, it is the first cold-mix bituminous conglomerate created with bitumen modified with plastomers/polymers and structural fibres suitably mixed with a mostly basaltic grit (size 0-8 mm) in a unique production process.

All this, besides giving the product excellent performance alongside ease of use, bestows an unusual but refined opacity to this conglomerate.

This opacity provides superior performance compared to competitor products: it means it does not stick to car tyres when traffic is reopened, avoiding the usual unwanted results of grit crumbling and scattering on the road surface; at the same time, it is this same feature which creates a strong link between the conglomerate particles.

It can be used without the usual preventive actions such as cleaning the damaged surface and removing water from the hole. Moreover, neither priming with bitumen emulsion nor final machine compacting is required.

Our Clients in India: State Government of Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu


  • Easy to use (when cold, simply levelling with a shovel or spade)
  • Integrates with existing asphalt without crumbling and scattering
  • Can also be used at low temperatures
  • Resistant to extreme weather (snow, ice and heavy rain)
  • Can be stored for up to 6-8 months



  • Ecological asphalt mix thanks to the raw materials used
  • Immediate adherence to existing asphalt
  • Easy to lay, does not require specific equipment
  • Does not stick to vehicle tyres